Announcing the Reflective Earth Lab!
The RE Team
September 1, 2022

After months of development, Reflective Earth (RE) is proud today to officially launch the Reflective Earth Lab. 

The ways in which humanity can influence how much sunlight reaches and warms the Earth’s surface and how much that light influences the climate are truly mind-boggling.  From painting roofs to protect against extreme heat to placing bubbles at the Lagrange Point in outer space (and everything in between), there are a growing number of reflectivity innovations being explored in the face of the climate crisis.

Here we’ll report thought-provoking innovations relating to reflective technologies as well as natural processes that can be harnessed to make a difference.  By strategically reflecting sunlight at almost any geographic scale, heat can be managed and reflected/radiated back into space to help stabilize the Earth’s energy balance.

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