Reflective Roofs on Shipping Containers & Trucks

March 14, 2022
The estimated cost of the technology's development
Pros to implementation of the technology
Cons to implementation of the technology

The current Technology Readiness Level of the technology

Atmosphere is heated less. Cargo remains cooler. Tech readily available .For new containers and trailers, there is no cost as they must be painted anyway
Financial costs for businesses to paint existing containers and trailers. Containers harder to distinguish in a straight down aerial view without adding labels or symbols

Shipping containers are commonly painted blue, red, green, or other various monochrome colors on all sides. While this might make containers more distinguishable, these choices of paint lead to significant heat absorption, some of which is then conducted to the atmosphere. There is a simple solution to this problem. By painting the roofs of containers and truck trailers white, the object reflects more solar energy toward space and heats up less. This could also reduce the urban heat island effect around ports and other industrial facilities where shipping containers are common. Solar reflective paints have already been developed for other applications and are readily available commercially. 


How can shipping services be incentivized to take this step?
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What organizational system could help sooth the transition from color coding?
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What are some other strategies that might help keep containers cool?
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