Large reflective reservoir covers of large square glass tiles with anchors at each end can withstand wind and waves
Jeff Haley
September 16, 2023

Reservoir covers reduce evaporation, reduce concentration of salt, and reduce organic growth.  If such covers are designed to reflect solar energy to space, subsidies to deploy them may be available.  Water reflects a small fraction of incident solar energy and, in places where the sun is intense with few clouds, offer a high potential for reflecting solar energy to space.  Satellite data can be used to compute additional megawatts reflected to space from a reflective reservoir cover so that verified cooling credits can be sold, providing funding for a portion of the cost.

A published article explores making solar reflective reservoir covers out of glass which would allow the covers to eventually disintegrate into sand when their useful lives are over.  A specific design is proposed for covers in the form of rafts of flexibly connected large square tiles made of glass, a method of connecting the tiles together, and connecting them to anchors.

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