We're building tools that empower people all over the world to "brighten" important surfaces, like their roofs.

Reflectivity optimization map

The Reflectivity Optimization Map is a tool for exploring the difference albedo can make in your community (or anywhere else on Earth). You can look up the reflectivity potential anywhere on earth and compare surfaces anywhere to see how making them more (or less) reflective will affect global warming.

the roofs of
los angeles

[beta] A new, interactive map to learn if roofs in LA are cool, and to point people to the rebates and other resources to increase reflectivity, lower monthly bills, and keep homes (& neighborhoods) cool.
Will be released publicly with the City of Los Angeles in early 2023. Meanwhile, please check it out and give us feedback!

Reflectivity optimization map 2.0

[coming soon] After more than a year of development with the World Resources Institute and the Google Earth Engine Team, we will soon publish a new global map driven by current satellite data. It will be released with an API allowing anyone, anywhere to make a version customized to their own geography and education or policy needs.

extreme heat optimization Map

[coming soon] Research has shown that reflectivity interventions can cut extreme heat events by 2-4°C. In early Spring, 2023, Reflective Earth will release a global reflectivity map showing where and how much surfaces can be optimized to avoid extreme heat events.

The Reflective
Roofs App

The Reflective Roofs App is a tool under development to empower roof owners and contractors around the world to make their roofs more reflective, to connect their efforts to the fight against climate change, and to find new ways to encourage the widespread cooling of roofs and the planet.