Reflectivity of Man-Made Surfaces, Community Effects

Some amazing work is being done to make the Earth's surface more reflective and keep it more reflective.
A growing number of organizations are studying the local and global climate change impacts of brightening man-made surfaces and agricultural fields. Roofs and pavements can be made to reflect more sunlight [1], in many cases without making the surface visibly very bright by significantly increasing reflection of non-visible light [2]. Whereas some organizations are focused on increasing surface reflectivity to reduce temperatures in urban heat islands, our goal is to reduce Earth’s global energy imbalance. Research shows that brightening built surfaces and agricultural lands can increase albedo and reduce heat extremes [3]. Reducing local heat gain by having brighter man-made surfaces and lighter colored agricultural land makes communities more resilient and ecosystems more healthy. It is in the interest of most communities and people all over the world to pay others to create and maintain high albedo surfaces on buildings and land in places where it will make the biggest difference [4].